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Who is using our technology?

Here are some use cases.


Live Streaming Show


Live Show Stream powered by StreamVoodoo.


Testpilot 1 - Livestream Show Powered by StreamVoodoo.


Deadmau5 needed a live streaming platform that could fit his professional needs. He wanted his own platform to connect with his audience and not rely on any social media platform for live events and shows..


We provided exactly what deadmau5 needed. This included real-time HD video with studio quality sound and ultra low latency that can scale worldwide.

The first livestream show was called Testpilot. StreamVoodoo powered the livestream which included 2 hours and 30 minutes of live music. It also included a 3D stage combining a full haptic feedback suit that deadmau5 used while performing in a virtual world.

The show included live chat from people sending messages in realtime. Multiple cameras with stunning image quality and studio quality sound. Full HD 1080p 60 frames per second at 10mbps.

This showcased the power of StreamVoodoo real-time video streaming capabilities at scale. deadmau5 was so impressed with us that he became an equity partner. He will help spread our solutions to clients all over the world.


Video and Gameplay


Broadcast room used to stream video and gameplay.


Connecting gamers as remote contributors with broadcast quality. Streaming 1080p 60fps.


Insomniac TV needed to stream multiple gamers from their broadcast studios and needed to include a remote contributor to the live show.

The quality needed to match as the remote contributor was there with the other players that were in the studio.


StreamVoodoo provided a broadcast room for Insomniac TV to get the remote contributor camera feed into the studio but also the gameplay from a video game.

All with ultra low latency and studio quality sound.

As you can see in the video, the result was 4 players playing a game like they were together in the same place.

This is the power of StreamVoodoo, you can pull video feeds in real time and do video transport via a web browser.

We can let you stream anything you need, from a video camera to video gameplay footage, all happening in real time with incredible quality.

We like enabling these workflows for companies like Insomniac TV.


Remote Video Village


Remote Video Feeds in Full HD from pro cameras.


Connecting Cameras for live remote monitoring.


Definition6 is an agency that brings remote service offerings to their clients.

They were looking to enhance the quality of their remote location video capabilities to get customer feedback in real time.

Current solutions offer low bandwidth and poor experiences.


We provided Definition6 with a real-time HD video pass-through to let their customers see cameras that were shooting a tv commercial in real-time from anywhere in the world.

The first project was being performed in New York while the client could access the live video feed from the viewfinder’s camera in real time from Los Angeles to provide instant feedback.

At StreamVoodoo we are “professional workflow enablers”.

We provide support during the shooting sessions and this allowed the Definition6 crew to do what they do best. They successfully performed their job without the technical difficulties they faced before they found StreamVoodoo.

Seeing how much time and money they saved using our technology, Definition6 continues to use our service on a monthly basis.

We are really excited to work with Definition6 on the many projects to come.


Worldwide DJ’s Live


From 15 locations around the world performing live.


Connecting DJs from multiple locations around the world for a seamless experience.


Beatport was in need of running a multiple location livestream from DJs from all over the world.

The problem was that the streams needed to stop between each DJ. This is a problem when you need to run a liveshow during 22 hours straight with 15 different artists coming one after the other.


Our StreamVoodoo technology was deployed in the cloud with 12 nodes around the world to connect 15 DJs from different countries.

With our ultra low latency and HD real-time video, the DJs were able to come one after the other and keep the party going for 22 hours straight.

This was done with only having 7 days of lead time.

Since our technology is web based, they managed to create rooms for each DJ and combine them to create a seamless experience for Beatport and its community around the world. Everybody was dancing and having fun while ringing in the new year!

We provided support to make sure everything ran smoothly and we are going to be engaging with Beatport for their future live streams.


deadmau5 Lords
a livestreaming startup

Read about why deadmau5 joined StreamVoodoo


Deadmau5 (a.k.a. Joel Zimmerman) has joined new live HD video streaming platform StreamVoodoo as both equity partner and “Supreme Overlord,” joining CEO Sam Feuer, CTO Dr. Richard Smrt and COO Marcelo Moyano.

StreamVoodoo is capable of connecting multiple HD video feeds with studio-quality sound in real-time with almost zero latency from anywhere in the world, according to a release.

“All musicians and artists need a solution like this today and for the future,” said deadmau5 in a statement. “I was working on bringing my shows online and starting my own streaming platform to connect with my community. Not just for me, but for all musicians in the world. After the pandemic began, we needed a solution for video quality with excellent sound, beyond anything that has been done before.

"We tested every other provider offering and I didn’t find what I was looking for. Marcelo met with me via StreamVoodoo and showed me the quality, security and reliability of the service. Right after that, we got to working and the fact that StreamVoodoo was able to integrate with our current frontend was incredible. The integration literally took five minutes. With other providers this would take months and it still wouldn’t come close to this quality. Marcelo, Richard and Sam love technology as much as I do. Their execution is phenomenal for live concerts and streaming sessions at scale with no latency."

StreamVoodoo will enable musicians and creatives to conduct private sessions, concerts, interviews, lessons and tutorials in high-quality video and audio. Users can also host remote video interviews with broadcast quality video and audio; stream content from their websites from anywhere in real time; and bridge all video feeds via a switcher like OBS to stream to social media or record locally. The platform also allows fans to tune into content in a browser window without plugins or downloads.

"We know deadmau5 pushes the boundaries of visual and audio experiences," added Moyano. "His shows are legendary and everyone loves the energy he creates during live concerts. He has been streaming for over thirteen years and needed a solution to launch his own streaming platform. Richard, Sam and I felt compelled to find a way to have deadmau5 on board as an equity partner in StreamVoodoo. His creativity is the perfect complement for our company and we could not be more proud to welcome him into the business."

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