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The Best Live Video for Mac

Stream ultra low latency HD video and audio direclty from your Mac.


The Best Live Video for Web

Stream ultra low latency HD video and audio direclty from a browser window.

Real Time Video

1 Click Broadcast Streaming at ~40ms.

You can use


Music Performances

Remote Collaboration

Broadcast Streaming

Video Conferencing

Content Creation

Video Transport

Music Performances

No special hardware required. No encoders or decoders.

No “boxes”... Just a browser window.


Who is using it?


Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 is one of the best music producers in the world. He is been always at the edge of technology and was live streaming for the past 13 years. He joined StreamVoodoo within 1 week of working with us as an equity partner.

“The quality of the live video is amazing, the simplicity of the implementation is unreal. it took 5 minutes to integrate vs 5 months from other providers that I was dealing with”.

Alex Lindsay

Alex Lindsay produced over 2000 live events in the last decade. Over the last 30 years, he was involved in almost every part of media production from coding to audio, video, film, web, AR/VR and live-streaming. After working on "Star Wars: Episode 1" at Lucasfilm and Industrial Light and Magic, he built a global training organization to bring digital production to the masses.

“We were testing the StreamVoodoo Mac App and it was the most stunning live video across the web I have ever seen, and I don’t say these things lightly”.


deadmau5 Lords a livestreaming startup

Read about why deadmau5 joined StreamVoodoo


Broadcast quality for everyone

StreamVoodoo delivers ultra low latency studio quality sound and broadcast quality video from a web browser window.

Since we’re both serious about your live video, let’s make it official.
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Share with incredible quality

Demos recorded in real-time

  • How does it work?

    Super simple to use. Stream in just 1 click and send your stream privately in another click :).

  • 1 Click Sharing

    Share your screen with incredible quality for video and sound. Play any file instantly.

  • OBS / Switcher

    Our integration with OBS or any switcher lets you take streams to another level, in just 1 click.

Choose the right plan for you

  • Voodoo Duo

    Get 2 people connected with pristine audio and video quality. Manage those videos remotely.

    • 2 Video Connections
    • Studio Quality Sound
    • Video Transport
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  • Voodoo Cinco

    Get up to 5 connections in 1 room. All synced and ready to go.

    • Up to 5 Connections
    • Control Individual Feeds
    • Video Transport
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  • Voodoo Switcher

    Handle broadcast quality green rooms for live stream productions with multiple videos.

    • Up to 10 Connections
    • Control Individual Feeds
    • Video Transport
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  • Voodoo Enterprise

    Remote professional workflows, streaming at scale, dedicated servers, full video transport from the web.

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    • Multiple Rooms
    • Live Transcode
    • Dedicated Servers
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Join with 1 click

Guests joins instantly with no account needed

Video transport

Pass Through HD video in real-time with ultra low latency

Studio sound

Sound ready for broadcast and live music performances

In-room chat

Private text chat for members in the room

Switcher Integration

Pull video feeds with 1 click and output them in your favorite switcher.

Ultra low latency

Sub-Second latency for each video in the room. True real-time experience.

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